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Tax Incentives & Grants

Incentify help you to access vital Government funding to finance innovation and business growth.

Whatever your industry or business size, we can help you access the full potential of Government funding through R&D Tax Credits, Capital Allowances, Patent Box and Grants.

At Incentify we specialise in helping companies access vital funding and tax incentives to enable their businesses to grow, increasing profitability, reducing risk, protecting your innovations and enabling further investment in R&D activity and on capital items.

We use our technical knowledge and industry experience to better understand your business and identify the maximum potential benefit available and our well-established relationship with HMRC and experience of tax legislation to ensure your claim is fully auditable and compliant to the highest quality standard.

Although your company may already be claiming some of these tax incentives, Incentify could still assist in the recovery of costs incurred in undertaking compliant activities which may have previously been overlooked, whilst, for companies facing an HMRC claim enquiry, our specialist expertise is on hand to resolve your enquiry efficiently and effectively.

Grant Funding - Financing innovation and business growth

Grants are a valuable source of Government support which accelerate ambition and realise vision for businesses across a wide range of sectors, helping start-ups to grow and established businesses to scale-up.

Incentify provide a bespoke range of grant services, from one-off funding consultancy to end-to-end management of the funding and fundraising process, enabling companies of all sizes, industry sectors and locations to identify, apply for and successfully tap into the large range of grants and subsidies available.

Grants are awarded for a wide range of business investments such as purchase of new machinery/equipment, energy efficiency, sustainability, innovation, R&D and many more.

All Grants have their own scope and eligibility requirements and therefore result in varying funding amounts.

£’Billions are awarded as Grants to UK businesses each year and due to the extremely competitive nature of each competition, it’s essential business’ engage a specialist such as Incentify to boost their chance of success.

R&D Tax Credits - Fuelling innovation & powering business growth

Incentify help companies of all sizes and across all sectors receive the full credit they are entitled to.

  • R&D Tax Credits are a Government incentive designed to support investment in R&D by enabling companies seeking to make a scientific or technological advance in their field to recover up to 33% of costs invested in innovation and advances in products, services, processes, materials and software developments.
  • R&D can take place within any industry and any sector. 
  • They work by either reducing your Corporation Tax (CT) liability or, if you are loss-making for taxation purposes, through the receipt of a tax credit (cash) payment.
  • You can claim for up to two historic accounting periods and for every forward year where you undertake compliant activity.
  • Furthermore, company size and profitability do not prevent your right to make a claim and project success is not a fundamental requirement.

With an average SME claim benefit of £57,000, the scope of qualifying R&D expenditure is very broad and can apply to many industries and sectors.

Request a free assessment with our team to discuss your needs. We will answer all your questions without obligation.

Capital Allowances - Maximise your tax relief on commercial property assets.

Capital Allowances recognise expenditure incurred by individuals and/or companies in the purchase of commercial properties and other assets as a tax allowable expense (unlike ‘depreciation’), reducing taxable profits and the associated tax liability; furthermore, claiming Capital Allowances does not increase your future capital gains tax liability if the property is subsequently sold.

There is, however, a misconception amongst businesses claiming Capital Allowances in that most assume that their advisors will claim all relief due.

However, in our experience, accountants will usually claim for items where the fixed value of an asset is known by either an invoice/receipt value; this usually applies to ‘moveable’ items within the property. For items which are not ‘easily moveable’, the value is often more difficult to obtain, either because the items were inherent when the property was acquired or because they have been installed post acquisition by way of appointing a contractor to undertake refurbishment or improvement works to the property.

The majority of individuals and companies entitled to claim Capital Allowances on commercial property expenditure have not claimed their full entitlement and have therefore failed to maximise their tax relief.

We have helped secure millions of £’s of tax relief via Capital Allowance claims for our clients and our specialist expertise and knowledge of the Capital Allowance Act 2001 (CAA2001) ensures our clients benefit from the best advise possible.

Patent Box - Rewarding your innovation and supporting IP value creation

Incentify’s comprehensive IP services is focussed on helping our clients invent, protect and commercialise their ideas.

Patent Box is a tax incentive which enables businesses to pay a reduced corporation tax rate of 10% on profits derived from patented inventions. To qualify, companies need to own (or exclusively license-in) patents granted by either The UK Intellectual Property Office, The European Patent Office or countries in the EEA, be liable for Corporation Tax and fulfil ‘development’ and/or ‘active ownership’ conditions.

Where a patent has been granted, even where the patented element is minor, all profits arising from product revenues should qualify.

There is a misconception that the process of identifying, drafting and protecting ideas and novel solutions is time consuming, costly, uncertain and subject to workarounds. However, working with a results-orientated advisor with a proven track record of success and an experienced team of intellectual property experts can be invaluable.

Our service is predominantly focused on helping our clients invent, protect and commercialise their ideas, combining valuable expertise and offering a unique service.

How We Can Help

To start your journey, contact a member of our Incentives & Grants team to book an initial assessment so we can review your position and assess your eligibility.

Our team of technical and taxation specialists who each have in excess of 8 years Tax Incentives and Grant Funding experience will work with you / your nominated staff and professional advisors to ensure you benefit from all available Government Funding. As opposed to carrying out an annual review which is the norm in the industry, a member of our team will speak to your every quarter to assess if any further support can be provided and to review any new Grants which you may wish to apply for.

Our hands on approach enables you to focus on your day to day activities, while we take care of the rest.

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