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About Us

Our experienced team of professionals pride themselves on offering advice of the highest quality which is simple to understand and represents immediate value for money.

What Makes Incentify Different?

Our multidisciplinary team made up of tax specialists, accountants, surveyors and legal experts are focused on delivering results through our holistic and forward thinking approach. This empowers our clients decision making and future planning.

We are always seeking to add value to our clients by looking beyond short term goals and provide advice which delivers maximum benefit. We are a trusted partner to many professional advisors such as accountancy and legal firms, IFA’s and many more.

Our Principles:

We’re committed to helping shape a profession of knowledgeable advisers who are prepared to support you, your business and
your future, and we love being that force for change.

Our experienced team of professionals pride themselves on offering advice of the highest quality which is simple to understand
and represents immediate value for money.

Request a free assessment with our team to discuss your needs. We will answer all your questions without obligation.

A Holistic Tax Advisory Service

Inheritance Tax Planning

Estate planning isn’t just about passing on money when you pass away – it’s also about enjoying life now and ensuring you have enough to live on.  We tailor our bespoke service to show you how much money you will need, help you to pass on assets in the most effective way, and work with you to reduce or manage an Inheritance Tax bill. FIND OUT MORE

SSAS Pension Scheme

Every client has a direct extension line to their allocated Client Manager & support team, who will look after all aspects of the work required to set up and administer your private / family run SSAS (Small Self-Administered pension scheme) which offers both tax exemptions, and other benefits. FIND OUT MORE


Following an initial consultation we can advise on the most effective method of progressing your SEIS/EIS investment and complete the entire registration / HMRC process. Our service includes ongoing support including assisting you/your accountant to file the self-assessment in order to make the appropriate claims for tax relief. FIND OUT MORE

Property Incorporation

Our experienced property incorporation team can review your property portfolio and inform you if you can benefit from transferring your assets to a company and carry out a full review of your structure to ensure the property portfolio are structured in the most tax efficient manner. This will include a review of Stamp Duty Land Tax Relief. FIND OUT MORE

R&D Tax Credits

With a 100% client claim success record, our approach is truly industry-leading, with bespoke methodologies applied to each claim to deliver the optimum result. Our holistic approach ensures our clients benefit from our technical, tax and financial expertise across the majority of manufacturing, engineering and software industries. FIND OUT MORE

Capital Allowances

The breadth and scope of Capital Allowances is varied and, as such, many businesses and advisors fail to claim the maximum benefit available. We have helped secure millions of £’s of tax relief for our clients and our specialist expertise and knowledge of the Capital Allowance Act 2001 ensures our clients benefit from the best advice possible. FIND OUT MORE

IP and Patent Box

Our highly skilled and experienced team of intellectual property, technical and taxation professionals work with companies to identify all qualifying activities and associated expenditure to secure your IP and file a Patent box claim. Engaging a specialist who takes a holistic approach will ensure the maximum tax benefit. FIND OUT MORE


We provide a bespoke range of grant services, from one-off funding consultancy to end-to-end management of the funding and fundraising process, enabling companies of all sizes, industry sectors and locations to identify, apply for and successfully tap into the large range of available grants and subsidies FIND OUT MORE

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